I have my studio in the Blackman area in Murfreesboro. It's designed to make my clients comfortable and I want them to leave feeling relaxed and beautiful. 


To make it convenient for my clients, I can travel to any location for an additional fee. If the location doesn't provide a makeup room, I bring my lights, makeup, chair (if necessary) with me. I bring everything to the location. 


I have done photoshoots in different locations, from abandoned hospitals to the beach. I'm flexible.   



Makeup is to enhance and not distract from your beauty. 

I offer my Brides a luxurious and relaxing experience. It can be very stressful. On the day of the wedding, I start of by analyzing and prepping the skin. This includes cleansing, applying a mask followed by a light face massage. I use high quality products for my client's skin type. 

For the makeup application, I take into consideration several factors such as skin type, weather, location (indoor or outdoor), and lighting used. It needs to look good up close and from a distance.   


This is a team effort. Just like other services, I get to know my client by sending an assessment form which tells me about his or her skin type, skin allergies, location, and more.  This helps me prepare for the service.  

If I have the opportunity to speak with the Photgrapher, I ask about lighting, what look and mood he or she is going for. 

For some photoshoots, heavier makeup is necessary. Again, it all depends on different factors.